Tomahawk Steak


I miss having visitors! Especially, during the summer when family and/or friends would come over on the weekend and just eat, drink, and hang out in the backyard for hours while the kids play.  I’m praying that we get this pandemic situation taken care of sooner rather than later, so we can go back to comfortably just hanging out with any worries.

Facebook Memories recently reminded me of my uncle’s visit from last summer when he took advantage of the super low flight deals and visited us for several days.  He’s a steak lover so I wanted to treat him with something special that I don’t think he ever tasted before…a thick juicy tomahawk steak!  The tomahawk steak is a beautiful cut of beef ribeye with the bone still attached to the steak, I think the bone makes the steak look super grand and adds to the beautiful visually appealing presentation of the steak.

I simply seasoned the steak with salt and pepper to let for the great quality of beef and fire do all the talking.   I reversed seared it to the perfect medium for him.  He was so amazed how tender and juicy the steak was and raved about it to all my aunts and uncles about it afterward.

65904335_10107635706789213_7822536030556258304_o (1)

A thick cut of beef like a tomahawk steak can look very intimidating to cook, but the prep is very easy and with the right technique, you can easily cook the steak to the desired temperature and enjoy a restaurant-quality steak at home for significantly less than what you pay for at the restaurants.


1 2.5 pound Bone-In USDA Prime Tomahawk Steak
1.5 teaspoon Kosher Salt
1 teaspoon crushed black pepper
1 tablespoon vegetable oil


Prepare Steak: Drizzle oil on steak, rub gently. Season steak on both sides liberally with salt and pepper. Let steak rest and bring to room temperature.

Grill Steaks: Set up two-zone fire on the grill for indirect grilling. Bring the grill to 300-325 degrees. Clean grate and then oil the grate. Place steak over the indirect heat, cover grill with the lid with vent holes fully opened over steak for about 20 minutes, or until the internal temperature of the steak reaches 130 degrees (or desired temperature). Sear steak on each side over the direct heat for 2 minutes per side. Remove steak from the grill, cover with foil, and let rest for 10 minutes. Once the steak is rested, slice, and serve with your favorite sides.

IMG_7255 (1)


  • If Tomahawk steaks are unavailable, ask the butcher for a thick 2-inch ribeye steak.
  • Season more or less salt to taste.
  • USDA Choice or Certified Angus Beef works, but the higher the quality the better it will taste.

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