Thai Crying Tiger Steak

Thai Crying Tiger Steak is one of the most flavorful steaks I've ever made and the Nam Jin Jaew dipping sauce is out of this world. Not sure why it took me so long to try this, but I'm in love!While researching the origins of the recipe, I learned that it is called Crying Tiger... Continue Reading →

Iced Thai Tea

I love Thai Tea.  The warm and spicy vanilla-y aromas, creaminess, and delicious taste make Thai Tea very distinct and super refreshing.  Thai Tea will also definitely cool down your burning mouth when indulging in super spicy Thai food. The issue I have when buying Thai Tea is that it is usually wayyyy too sweet... Continue Reading →

Thai Red Curry

One of the things I love most about Thai food is the explosion of flavors and flavor bomb in your mouth with every bite.  Thai red curry is a great example of it.  I love the spiciness, lusciousness, creaminess of red curry and love the magical pairing of red curry paste and coconut milk. AND... Continue Reading →

Pad Kee Mao

Pad Kee Mao, also known as Drunken Noodles, is the supercharged aromatic and herbaceous Thai version of Chow fun using the same wide flat rice noodles.  I can eat Pad Kee Mao anytime and definitely do not need to be drunk to enjoy it. The girls and I love Pad Kee Mao.  The pungent, well-balanced... Continue Reading →

Pad Thai

I recently watched Padma Lakshmi's Taste the Nation show on Hulu and the Thai Food episode was amazing.  In the episode, I learned about how the Thai community was developed in Las Vegas in the 1970s by brave Thai women who left their homeland for a better quality of life for their families, built the... Continue Reading →

Thai Chicken and Rice (Khao Mun Gai)

In 2019, Thai chicken and rice shops started popping up in the Bay Area.  Thai Chicken and Rice is the Thai version of the popular Hainanese chicken rice.  There's even a popular Vietnamese version called Com Ga Hai Nam.  The Vietnamese version is generally served with a gingery prepared fish sauce and fresh herbs like... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Hot Pot

Hot Pot parties are fun and filling.  As a host, it's s a great way to spend quality time with family and friends without being stuck in the kitchen cooking while people are eating. All tedious prep work is done before the guests arrive and cooking will be done directly in the hot pot at... Continue Reading →

Tamarind Chicken Wings

After creating the robustly flavored tamarind sauce for the Tamarind Shrimp and seeing many people post pictures of chicken wings on Facebook and Instagram, I HAD to fry up some crispy chicken wings and toss it in the sweet, spicy, and tangy sauce for some delicious, finger-lickin' chicken wing experience.  As I mentioned in the Tamarind Shrimp post,... Continue Reading →

Tamarind Shrimp

Helllllllllo Holiday Season!  This year, I have already participated in  4 Thanksgiving gatherings over a span of 3 days.  I will have one more later this week.  I can't wait.  These gatherings provide me many opportunities  to try new exciting recipes or simply work on perfecting dishes I've created before. With this Tamarind Shrimp recipe,... Continue Reading →

Crab Fried Rice

Dungeness crab season is here and people are standing in long lines at the Asian Supermarkets to get some crabs for $1.99-$2.99 a pound.  I haven't been to the Asian supermarket lately, so I haven't seen how chaotic it is, but I'm looking forward to going in the next few weeks to see people fight... Continue Reading →

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