High Heat Indirect BBQ Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Man, I'm super excited to show you all this new indirect cooking technique on the Weber that I have been using for chicken wings to get the skin extra crispy without frying!  It also looks super dope and is very visually appealing as well. When I normally do indirect cooking on the Weber, I usually... Continue Reading →

Tomahawk Steak

I miss having visitors! Especially, during the summer when family and/or friends would come over on the weekend and just eat, drink, and hang out in the backyard for hours while the kids play.  I'm praying that we get this pandemic situation taken care of sooner rather than later, so we can go back to... Continue Reading →

Hawaiian Teriyaki BBQ Chicken

During my last Oahu trip with the family, after chillaxin' and swimming at Kailua Beach all morning, we were hungry and wanted to stop by a local market to get some fresh and cold Poke to cool down and replenish our starving bodies.  Yelp reviews and pictures led us to The Hibachi.  Even though the... Continue Reading →

Fish Sauce and Pepper BBQ Chicken

When I was a kid, one of my favorite chicken dishes my mom made was gà nước mắm, tiêu, đường.  Literally translated to chicken with fish sauce, pepper, and sugar.  Mom pan-fried the chicken leaving a beautiful fish sauce smell all over the house.  The chicken skin crisped up and the meat was juicy and... Continue Reading →

No Limit BBQ Chicken

  For the past few years, I've been BBQing pretty regularly for my family, kids, and friends.  Anytime I BBQ big chunks of meat, whole chicken, or bone-in chicken, I like to use the dry brine method to have the salt penetrate through the meat and season the meat more thoroughly and make it more... Continue Reading →

Chinese BBQ Pork (Xa Xiu / Char Siu)

California weather has been perfect this week.  We've been blessed with high 70-degree weather and plenty of sunshine..perfect start to the first week of daylight savings time change.  This weather got me super excited for all the planned and/or impromptu BBQ sessions I'll be having in the upcoming months with my family and friends.  There... Continue Reading →

BBQ Beer Brined Hawaiian Chicken

In the beginning of June, my coworkers (James and Paul) and I created a BBQ Club called the South Bay Backyard BBQ Crew.  The purpose of the club is to bring BBQ enthusiasts together to eat good BBQ, share BBQ recipes and grilling tips/tricks, and show off the delicious BBQ the crew makes.  To help... Continue Reading →

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