In 2019, as a personal challenge, I gave up drinking alcohol for the entire year.  I got used to being sober and didn’t really crave hard liquor or beer, but occasionally, I did crave an iced-cold sour, salty, and refreshing Michelada.

At the beginning of 2020, the San Francisco 49ers made a great run to the Super Bowl and my buddies and I celebrated their playoff victories every weekend with plenty of delicious junk food and Micheladas.   I showed up to all the gameday with my red medium cooler packed with all the necessary ingredients and was known as the Michelada Man.  Micheladas are super eazy to make and taste really amazing.  Adjust the seasonings to taste and enjoy!


8 ounces Mexican beer, preferably Modelo Negra
4 ounces Clamato
2 small Mexican limes or more, halved and juiced
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Dash of Maggi seasoning
Dash of Cholula hot sauce
Tajin Classic Seasoning
cucumbers, sliced (for garnish)


Make Michelada – In a 16-20 ounce cup, use a halved lime to moisten the rim with lime juice and cover the rim with Tajin.  Add ice.  Pour Clamato and beer into the cup and mix.  Add squirts of Worcestershire sauce, Maggi seasoning, hot sauce, and a few sprinkles of Tajin and mix again. Taste and add more lime juice to taste. Garnish with thick-sliced cucumbers and serve cold.


  • Clamato to Beer Ratio is 1:3.
  • If Maggi seasoning is unavailable, use soy sauce.
  • If Mexican limes are unavailable, use 1 medium lime.
  • Any Mexican hot sauce works for this recipe.

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