Cà Phê Sửa Đá Vietnamese Iced Coffee

I love strong and bold tasting Cà Phê Sửa Đá, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, but more often than not, the Vietnamese coffee I buy is generally wayyyy too sweet for my taste. That’s why I like to make it at home to be able to control the sweetness. Thanks, Nguyen Coffee Supply Coffee for the Saigon... Continue Reading →

Super Micheladas

One of my favorite things to order and I look forward to it every time I go to a Mexican Restraunt is Super Micheladas! I love the grilled/seared shrimp-rimmed goblets to go with the ice-cold refreshing beer. I love it so much that I decided to get special schooner-style goblets to make my own Micheladas... Continue Reading →

Iced Thai Tea

I love Thai Tea.  The warm and spicy vanilla-y aromas, creaminess, and delicious taste make Thai Tea very distinct and super refreshing.  Thai Tea will also definitely cool down your burning mouth when indulging in super spicy Thai food. The issue I have when buying Thai Tea is that it is usually wayyyy too sweet... Continue Reading →


In 2019, as a personal challenge, I gave up drinking alcohol for the entire year.  I got used to being sober and didn't really crave hard liquor or beer, but occasionally, I did crave an iced-cold sour, salty, and refreshing Michelada. At the beginning of 2020, the San Francisco 49ers made a great run to... Continue Reading →

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