Bún Bò Xào (Stir-Fry Lemongrass Beef Vermicelli Bowl)

I had lots of leftover cleaned lettuce and veggies and Bún Bò Xào, Lemongrass Beef Vermicelli Bowls, was the perfect quick and delicious weeknight meal for the girls and me. I love all the textures and flavor in this vermicelli bowl so much. I also love the cool bouncy vermicelli noodles and cold and crisp... Continue Reading →

Turmeric Dill Fish (Cha Ca La Vong)

Thien Long Restaurant is one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in San Jose.  Anytime out of towners visit and want Vietnamese food, we always take them here.  They have a huge menu full of delicious Vietnamese dishes, but the one dish I love eating and always order when I go there is the specialty, Cha... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup (Bun Rieu)

Kids are sick, it's cold outside, and we're all bundled up inside trying to keep warm.  To help them quickly recover from their Winter cold, I made them one of their favorite Vietnamese noodle soups, Bun Rieu, to make them happy and warm up their bellies. Bun Rieu is a Vietnamese Crab Vermicelli Noodle Soup,which... Continue Reading →

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