Taqueria Style Al Pastor

  I love going to taquerias and birthday parties where the taquero cooks al pastor directly on a flat top iron grill and serves up a hot plate full of beautiful al pastor tacos fresh, delicious, and made to order.   Sometimes when the al pastor cravings creep up on me, and I want to cook... Continue Reading →


In 2019, as a personal challenge, I gave up drinking alcohol for the entire year.  I got used to being sober and didn't really crave hard liquor or beer, but occasionally, I did crave an iced-cold sour, salty, and refreshing Michelada. At the beginning of 2020, the San Francisco 49ers made a great run to... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Chicken Salad (Goi Ga)

When I use a whole chicken to make my Chao Ga, we usually end up with lots of leftover chicken.  I started tossing the leftover chicken with fresh shredded cabbage and other crunchy veggies for Goi Ga so it wouldn't go to waste.  This recipe is super easy and you can mix and match your... Continue Reading →

Chrysanthemum Soup (Canh Tan O)

In my house, I always stress the importance of eating veggies.  I do this all the time to the girls, without trying to be annoying of course. Why? Because it is healthy for you and it helps you POOP! The girls have bought into this belief and blame lack of veggies for any bad poops... Continue Reading →

Fried Lemongrass Tofu (Dau Hu Muoi Sa Chien)

In 1990, my parents became really religious after my grandfather died and started following Caodaism religiously.  My dad started reading countless Cao Dai books and spent most of his days listening to Cao Dai teachings on his cassette player.  My parents met some people from a Cao Dai temple and started taking us to the Cao... Continue Reading →

Beef and Broccoli

Weeknights are super busy!  The girls are receiving plenty of homework and projects from school and participating in various extracurricular classes after school.  While I'm at work, even if it's at six in the morning, I am constantly thinking about food and what to cook for the girls for dinner.  I always think to myself..we're... Continue Reading →

Furikake Salmon

Furikake seasoning is a very yummy, salty, and full of texture.  You can sprinkle furikake seasoning on anything and it will taste delicious.  This is an extremely simple recipe you can make for a party to feed a large crowd of you can buy individually portioned salmon filets and make it for an easy weeknight... Continue Reading →

Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp

One of my all time favorite things to eat when traveling to Oahu is the plump, succulent, and fresh Shrimp.  These jumbo shrimp are caught fresh and smothered in a rich buttery and garlicky sauce.  I've noticed that each place prepares this dish slightly different all over the island.  For example, Ted's Bakery, in North... Continue Reading →

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