No Limit BBQ Chicken

  For the past few years, I've been BBQing pretty regularly for my family, kids, and friends.  Anytime I BBQ big chunks of meat, whole chicken, or bone-in chicken, I like to use the dry brine method to have the salt penetrate through the meat and season the meat more thoroughly and make it more... Continue Reading →

Tacos Al Pastor

Tacos Al Pastor is one of my FAVORITE tacos in the whole world to eat.  I determine the greatness of a taqueria based on the taste of the Al Pastor alone.   If the Al Pastor at a taqueria is no bueno, I probably would not come back, even if the other protein options are delicious. #AlPastorSnob... Continue Reading →

Grilled Lemongrass Pork Skewers

Over the past few years, these aromatic and delicious BBQ pork skewers have been a smashing hit at all family birthday parties and holiday events.  It is the perfect protein option for fresh vermicelli bowls, banh mi sandwiches, or eaten straight off the skewer.  It is also, in my opinion, best topped with roasted crushed... Continue Reading →

Smoked Rib Roast

For some time, I did not know the difference between a rib roast and a prime rib roast.  After doing some research, Prime Rib Roast and Rib Roast come from the same cut of beef...the Ribeye. The main difference is the meat grade and price point.  The prime rib roast is pricier than regular rib... Continue Reading →

No Limit Baby Back Ribs

When I smoked ribs for the first time, I used a Weber Kettle accessory called the Smokenator to convert my Weber Kettle into a smoker to smoke my Baby Back Ribs.  For the past few years, I've been happily using Selena, my Weber Smokey Mountain, to smoke my ribs and meats.  I still believe it's... Continue Reading →

No Limit Rub 2017

Ingredients:1/2 cup brown sugar1/4 cup smoked paprika1/4 cup coarse black pepper2 tablespoons granulated garlic1 tablespoon granulated onion1 tablespoon chili powder1 teaspoon cumin1 teaspoon ground mustard1/4 teaspoon cinnamonSteps:Prepare No Limit Rub - Preferably in a shaker, combine all the ingredients and shake until combined.

Smoked Beef Brisket

In 2015, I was so inspired after reading Aaron Franklin's book, Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, that when I smoke brisket, I will religiously follow Aaron Franklin's simple Texas style seasoning and smoking techniques to smoke the brisket.  IT'S AMAZING! To date, my longest cook is this beautiful, juicy, and beefy Smoked Brisket.  It is... Continue Reading →

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

              Hot dogs are the perfect BBQ food.  It is easy to cook, scrumptious, and people love it! I always keep at least a pack of hot dogs in my fridge when I host BBQs just in case I run low on food or underestimate the number of people... Continue Reading →

BBQ Beef Tri-Tip

When my cousins from Texas visited us last year, I was surprised to find out they never tasted Tri-tip before. They have plenty of briskets, ribs, blue crabs, and crawfish in Texas, but no Tri-tip. Before their flight back to Texas, I barbecued a few USDA Prime Tri-tips and introduced them to the beautiful, juicy,... Continue Reading →

Smoked Pulled Pork

Last year, the girls bought me a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker for Father's Day.  Selena, the name I gave the smoker, is one of the best presents I ever received.  After I unboxed the smoker, I went through a six-hour dry run to monitor the internal temperature and recorded the temperature every 15 minutes.  Yes,... Continue Reading →

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