Maggi Seasoning Tri-tip

There are so many amazing ways to season or marinate tri-tip.  One of my family's favorite ways to prepare tri-tip is in a Maggi seasoning base.  If you don't know about Maggi seasoning, please go find out and get some ASAP!  Or, I can just describe it a bit to you here. Maggi seasoning is... Continue Reading →

Smoked Cheeseburgers

Nothing screams Red, White, and Blue like a big fat juicy all American cheeseburger at a summer cookout to celebrate Independence Day while chillin' and grillin' with family and friends.  It's also great not having to work and getting a day off in the middle of summer to relax and keep your mind off the... Continue Reading →

Smoked Dino Beef Ribs

I recently finished reading the book Jurassic Park for the first time.  I didn't realize how scary and the book was going to be! The book was incredible and much cooler than the movie.  I can't wait to read Lost World. While reading the book, memories of eating amazing Dino Ribs at Killen's BBQ from my... Continue Reading →

Grilled Lemongrass Korean Short Ribs

For as long as I can remember, Korean beef short ribs have been a crowd pleaser and favorite party food at birthday parties and/or other special occasions! Whenever my parents threw us a party when I was a kid, they made sure our guests were fell fed and bought the best food to treat our... Continue Reading →

Lemon Pepper BBQ Spatchcock Chicken

I love cooking whole chickens.  Everybody in the family, even my dog Kobe, gets to enjoy their favorite part of the chicken and there is usually a lot of leftovers for salads, soups, sandwiches, or other creative meals for the next several days.  If you been following No Limit Cooking, you will see tons of... Continue Reading →

Grilled T-Bone Steak

T-Bone steak, or as I call it... the best of both world's steak, looks great and is unique because it contains two different parts of beef: the meatier and beefier strip loin, and the more tender delicate tenderloin, separated by a "T"-shaped lumbar vertebra. YAY, for two-for-one. It was a fun cut of steak to... Continue Reading →

BBQ Chicken Adobo

Back in 2015, I learned how to make Chicken Adobo and it's been a dish we make pretty regularly at home.  The salty, sweet, and tart flavors of the dish is super addicting.  Flavor bomb in every bite! On a hot summer night, the girls requested Chicken Adobo for dinner the following night.  I had... Continue Reading →

Hawaiian Teriyaki BBQ Chicken

During my last Oahu trip with the family, after chillaxin' and swimming at Kailua Beach all morning, we were hungry and wanted to stop by a local market to get some fresh and cold Poke to cool down and replenish our starving bodies.  Yelp reviews and pictures led us to The Hibachi.  Even though the... Continue Reading →

Fish Sauce and Pepper BBQ Chicken

When I was a kid, one of my favorite chicken dishes my mom made was gà nước mắm, tiêu, đường.  Literally translated to chicken with fish sauce, pepper, and sugar.  Mom pan-fried the chicken leaving a beautiful fish sauce smell all over the house.  The chicken skin crisped up and the meat was juicy and... Continue Reading →

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