XO Fried Rice

I alway love checking out new ingredients to use in my cooking. I was super excited to use XO sauce and made umami packed chicken fried rice with it. The XO fried rice is loaded with chicken, Chinese sausage, asparagus, and mixed veggies. Fried rice is always a great way to get the girls to... Continue Reading →

Spam Kimchi Fried Rice

I had tons of leftover Japanese rice from the other day and recently just bought a big 'ol jar of kimchi from Costco that I wanted to use so I decided to freestyle it up and make some Spam Kimchi Fried Rice..because I always have Spam in the pantry. The fried rice turned out great... Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Bacon Fried Rice

While driving to SFO to pick up my parents, my brother took a quick detour to a small diner by his work in Burlingame and bought Jalapeno Bacon Fried rice for Jane and his wife.  I could tell by the grin and facial expressions on Jane's face that she really enjoyed it.  She usually doesn't... Continue Reading →

Crab Fried Rice

Dungeness crab season is here and people are standing in long lines at the Asian Supermarkets to get some crabs for $1.99-$2.99 a pound.  I haven't been to the Asian supermarket lately, so I haven't seen how chaotic it is, but I'm looking forward to going in the next few weeks to see people fight... Continue Reading →

Chinese Sausage and Spam Fried Rice

This fried rice brings back memories from my elementary school days.  Since my parents worked a lot, my mom's aunt (Bà Cô) watched my cousins, sister, and me after school until about 6pm everyday.  While other kids went home to PB sandwiches and Mac and Cheese, Bà Cô hooked us up with Fried Rice with... Continue Reading →

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