Wedding Banquet Style Roasted Chilean Sea Bass

Asian Wedding Banquet-Style Chilean Sea Bass, I know it as Cá Đút Lò, is one of our favorite fish dishes and we look forward to having it at every Vietnamese wedding we go to. The sweet and savory, flaky and buttery, bright-colored Chilean Sea Bass is so good and addicting. We celebrated Me and Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Barbecued Branzino Spring Rolls

I love the flaky, mild, and naturally sweet taste of branzino fish and order it every time I see it at restaurants. I was so excited to see it at Costco recently and picked it up and made spring rolls with it. For all my friends observing Lent, this is the perfect Friday meal for... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Braised Catfish (Cá Kho Tộ)

One of my favorite family-style meal dishes is Cá Kho Tộ, Vietnamese braised catfish. The braised catfish is savory and sweet from the fish sauce and sugar marinade and simmered to a rich and sticky icky goodness. The fish tastes super flavorful, delicate, and tender and soaks up all the flavors from the marinade. So... Continue Reading →

Turmeric Dill Fish (Cha Ca La Vong)

Thien Long Restaurant is one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in San Jose.  Anytime out of towners visit and want Vietnamese food, we always take them here.  They have a huge menu full of delicious Vietnamese dishes, but the one dish I love eating and always order when I go there is the specialty, Cha... Continue Reading →

Beer-Battered Fish Tacos

The kids and I used to go to Rubios every Tuesday for their Taco Tuesday specials to get discounts on their famous and delicious signature Baja style fish tacos. We were addicted to it and went every Tuesday for a few months until the kids asked me to recreate it at home.  After making it... Continue Reading →

Grilled Fish Tacos

                  My kids are huge fans of fish tacos. It's fun to place all the fish taco ingredients and garnishes in front of them and watch them customize their own fish taco.  Emily got the taco creation process down and is becoming quite the taco making professional.... Continue Reading →

Citrusy Grilled Striped Bass

Cooking whole fish is awesome. Whether you steam, roast, or grill it, the fish ends up being very fresh, delicious, and healthy.  It is also great for entertaining.  Growing up, my parents cooked whole fish all the time and had spring roll parties and hung out with friends and family over a couple of beers. ... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Roasted Catfish (Ca Nuong)

This year, my brother and I threw a Mother's Day celebration for our closest Moms.  My mom, Jane, my brother's wife Tham, my mom in law, and my Ba Co.  I roasted two 6-lb Catfishes, and my brother bought presents for each mom and watched them play Mother's Day White Elephant after we ate.  It... Continue Reading →

Crispy Fish Burger

Since I still had some left over veggies from last week's burger party with my family and they still looked really fresh, I wanted to use it before it goes bad. I thought about making a BLT sandwich, but I looked in my freezer and saw an unopened box of Gorton's Battered Fish Fillets that... Continue Reading →

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