Chicken Japanese Curry

We love eating all the different kinds of yummy curries from different cuisines at our house....Thai Curry, Vietnamese Curry, Indian Curry, and even Steph and Ayesha Curry! My youngest daughter Taylor recently declared that Japanese Curry is her favorite curry to eat. She explained that she loves it more than other curries because 1) it's … Continue reading Chicken Japanese Curry

High Heat Indirect BBQ Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Man, I'm super excited to show you all this new indirect cooking technique on the Weber that I have been using for chicken wings to get the skin extra crispy without frying!  It also looks super dope and is very visually appealing as well. When I normally do indirect cooking on the Weber, I usually … Continue reading High Heat Indirect BBQ Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Chicken Katsu

The kids and I love Chicken Katsu!  It's like an oversized excellent quality crispy chicken nugget. Crunchy, addicting, and ammmmazzzzing!  When seasoned and cooked properly, the panko bread crumbs produce a delicate crispy breaded crust and keep the chicken meat juicy and moist.  The katsu sauce is also super flavorful and gives the chicken katsu … Continue reading Chicken Katsu