Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger

What would your last meal request be if you were on death row?  This question was brought up during a random conversation I had with my siblings last week.  It didn’t take long for me to decide that a succulent, juicy, and tasty Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger would be my last meal request on this... Continue Reading →

Tofu Burger

I think I've mentioned in a previous blog that I've been practicing vegetarianism, 10 days a month, since I was about 9 years old.  I remember when I first started this vegetarianism thing, my mom always tried to make vegetarian food seem like it was real meat so we can eat it.  I didn't really... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Pork Burger

This recipe was inspired by Brigitte Nguyen's winning recipe on Food Network's the Ultimate Recipe Showdown.  I've been thinking about making this for months and it finally came to life last night and I'm glad it did!  I looked at Brigitte Nguyen's Recipe, twisted it up a little bit with the flavors that I like... Continue Reading →

Crispy Fish Burger

Since I still had some left over veggies from last week's burger party with my family and they still looked really fresh, I wanted to use it before it goes bad. I thought about making a BLT sandwich, but I looked in my freezer and saw an unopened box of Gorton's Battered Fish Fillets that... Continue Reading →

Weber Grill: Burgers and Salmon

I recently purchased my first Weber Grill after years of using a gas grill.  I think gas grills are cool and easy to start-up, but I personally like the smoky flavor and taste of food from a Charcoal Grill even though the prep time takes a little longer . I may end up buying a... Continue Reading →

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