BBQ Chicken

I recently purchased a GoPro and have been constantly playing around with it and trying to figure it out.  I'm not sure if I'm getting older or what, but I don't feel as tech-savvy as I was maybe a few years back.  Things don't seem as intuitive and while playing with these devices, I'm always... Continue Reading →

BBQ Spareribs

Six years ago, I was kinda bored and not paying attention in my economics night class at Mission College with Clayton and Judy and created a blog to record all my favorite recipes.  The purpose of the blog was to have a place I can quickly access my recipes and be able to recreate the... Continue Reading →

Grilled Beer Brats

A few years ago, I brought fresh Brats to a Friend's BBQ and made the mistake of just throwing the Brats onto the hot grill without prepping the Brats. After a few minutes on the hot grill, the Brats shriveled up and tasted super dry. It was horrible. After that cooking fail, I researched on... Continue Reading →

Beef Chili

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  I love to spend my Sundays in the Fall relaxing in my house with my family while slow cooking food and watching football.  One of my favorite comfort food to cook during the fall is Beef Chili.  The chili is super easy to make, packed... Continue Reading →

Grilled Cowboy Steak with Chipotle Butter

Sam's Bar-B-Que, in San Jose, introduced me to my first Cowboy steak.  My daughters go to a swim school next door and you can always smell the delicious BBQ smoke in the air all day long.  In front of Sam's, a big A-frame sign advertises Bone-In Cowboy Rib-eye Steak.  Curious, I Google'ed Cowboy Steak and... Continue Reading →

My Thanksgiving: Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is not complete without scrumptious side dishes to accompany the juicy main star - The Turkey.  Although I try to experiment with new side dishes every year, these are a few traditional side dishes that are must haves at my house yearly to compliment the delicious turkey.  The ingredients are pretty inexpensive to buy,... Continue Reading →

My Thanksgiving: Turkey

I always get excited around Thanksgiving and want to share this fail-proof technique that I have been using for over 4 years. I absolutely love this technique because 1) it is super swift and easy to prep 2) does not require the use of many pots and pans 3) doesn't take up as much space... Continue Reading →

Chili Con Carne

Wow.  Happy New Year!  It has been over two months since my last blog entry.  I've been SUPER busy entertaining, eating, and spending much-needed quality time with family and friends during the holiday season.  It’s a new year and I have all these recipes I have in mind to cook and share with everyone. When... Continue Reading →

Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger

What would your last meal request be if you were on death row?  This question was brought up during a random conversation I had with my siblings last week.  It didn’t take long for me to decide that a succulent, juicy, and tasty Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger would be my last meal request on this... Continue Reading →

NY Steak with Chimichurri

My parents have been working so much these days - it's crazy!  They must be working at least 70+ hours a week.  My brother and I thought it'd be nice to make a nice fancy dinner at home since they are too tired to go eat out when they get home.After brainstorming we decided to... Continue Reading →

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