Grilled Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich

I’m a huge fan of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  It brings back a lot of childhood memories and its so good! On this particular day, I felt like eating a grilled cheese sandwich, but didn’t want to be so ordinary. So I went to Safeway and got Sourdough bread and Pepper Jack Cheese to create a simple, but different take on the classic Grilled Cheese sandwich with White bread and American Cheese.

The Grilled Cheese sandwich turned out really good and so easy to make.  I used Pepper Jack cheese, but I’m sure you can substitute for your favorite cheese and sliced bread and it should work fine.

Sliced Sour Dough Bread
Pepper Jack Cheese
Roma Tomatoes
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Margarine
Sea Salt and Ground Pepper (Optional)


  1. Slice Sourdough Bread to desired thickness (2 slices).  I tried cutting it 1/2 inch thick.  You can also used pre-sliced Sourdough if you like
  2. Slice Roma Tomato and set aside
  3. Put 2 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese, 2-3 slices of Roma tomato on top of the the first Sourdough bread slice and put the second slice of Sourdough bread to form a sandwich
  4. Spread I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter margarine over the top slice of bread
  5. Turn the heat on the griddle/pan to Medium until hot
  6. Put the sandwich onto the griddle (Buttered part down) and let bread brown
  7. While sandwich is browning, spread I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter margarine on the unbuttered slice of bread
  8. When one side is nicely browned, flip it and brown the other side
  9. After the second side is nicely browned and you see that the cheese is melted, take it off the griddle, slice in half and enjoy

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