Spam Kimchi Fried Rice

I had tons of leftover Japanese rice from the other day and recently just bought a big 'ol jar of kimchi from Costco that I wanted to use so I decided to freestyle it up and make some Spam Kimchi Fried Rice..because I always have Spam in the pantry. The fried rice turned out great... Continue Reading →

Spam Musubi

      Every time Jane and I visit Hawaii, we love taking daily road trips to explore every part of the beautiful island.  While Jane gets the kids ready, I would run down to the closest ABC store to pick up snacks and drinks for our day trip. One of our favorite snacks to... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Bowl

There are some potatoes hanging out on the kitchen counter from the Lomo Saltado recipe and wanted to cook something with it since we don't really have any place to put it.  I was browsing through the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and saw some interesting looking Home Fries in the breakfast section.  I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Chinese Sausage and Spam Fried Rice

This fried rice brings back memories from my elementary school days.  Since my parents worked a lot, my mom's aunt (Bà Cô) watched my cousins, sister, and me after school until about 6pm everyday.  While other kids went home to PB sandwiches and Mac and Cheese, Bà Cô hooked us up with Fried Rice with... Continue Reading →

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