Xôi Mặn (Vietnamese Savory Sticky Rice)

Xôi Mặn, Savory sticky rice, is ultimate Vietnamese comfort food by quickly cooking Lạp Xưởng, rehydrated dried shrimp, and other goodies in a rich and savory soy sauce-based sauce and topping it over delicious, hot, and chewy sticky rice. It’s such a versatile dish you can mix and match whatever ingredients you have or like... Continue Reading →

Grilled Beer Brats

A few years ago, I brought fresh Brats to a Friend's BBQ and made the mistake of just throwing the Brats onto the hot grill without prepping the Brats. After a few minutes on the hot grill, the Brats shriveled up and tasted super dry. It was horrible. After that cooking fail, I researched on... Continue Reading →

Papas y Chorizo (Potatoes with Chorizo)

About two months ago, I started researching for the best Mexican cookbook to help me on my journey to perfect Mexican cooking.  My buddy Drew introduced me to Chef Rick Bayless and his cookbook, Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico.  At first, I was a little hesitant and unsure about picking up... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Bowl

There are some potatoes hanging out on the kitchen counter from the Lomo Saltado recipe and wanted to cook something with it since we don't really have any place to put it.  I was browsing through the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and saw some interesting looking Home Fries in the breakfast section.  I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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