Cháo Đậu Xanh (Rice Porridge with Split Mung Bean)

Cháo đậu xanh, Rice Porridge with Split Mung bean, always reminds me of Dad. Growing up, more often than not, we woke up on cold weekends with a pot of Cháo đậu xanh ready to eat. Even though rice porridge is hella plain, it’s perfect for loading up with my favorite spicy, sweet, sour, and/or... Continue Reading →

Xôi Mặn (Vietnamese Savory Sticky Rice)

Xôi Mặn, Savory sticky rice, is ultimate Vietnamese comfort food by quickly cooking Lạp Xưởng, rehydrated dried shrimp, and other goodies in a rich and savory soy sauce-based sauce and topping it over delicious, hot, and chewy sticky rice. It’s such a versatile dish you can mix and match whatever ingredients you have or like... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Fish Porridge (Cháo Cá)

I didn't enjoy eating Cháo Cá until I visited Vietnam in 2006 and had a mind-blowing Cháo Cá experience in my parents' hometown. I remember chillin at the night market with my cousins and getting a bowl of flavorful Cháo Cá loaded with tender flaky fish, spicy pepper, and toppings. Something about that experience made... Continue Reading →

Spam Kimchi Fried Rice

I had tons of leftover Japanese rice from the other day and recently just bought a big 'ol jar of kimchi from Costco that I wanted to use so I decided to freestyle it up and make some Spam Kimchi Fried Rice..because I always have Spam in the pantry. The fried rice turned out great... Continue Reading →

Thai Chicken and Rice (Khao Mun Gai)

In 2019, Thai chicken and rice shops started popping up in the Bay Area.  Thai Chicken and Rice is the Thai version of the popular Hainanese chicken rice.  There's even a popular Vietnamese version called Com Ga Hai Nam.  The Vietnamese version is generally served with a gingery prepared fish sauce and fresh herbs like... Continue Reading →

Spam Musubi

      Every time Jane and I visit Hawaii, we love taking daily road trips to explore every part of the beautiful island.  While Jane gets the kids ready, I would run down to the closest ABC store to pick up snacks and drinks for our day trip. One of our favorite snacks to... Continue Reading →

Mexican Style Rice

                    A few years ago I followed an America's Test Kitchen recipe to make Mexican Rice from a magazine I bought and loved it.  Over the years, I changed an altered a few things and added veggies and it's now my go-to recipe to compliment any... Continue Reading →

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