Double-Fried Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

The air quality in San Jose has been really bad and I haven't had a chance to do much BBQing.  The other day I woke up and the air quality index looked really good so I took out some chicken wings to thaw and wanted to BBQ for dinner.  By noon, the air quality worsened... Continue Reading →

Chicken Katsu

The kids and I love Chicken Katsu!  It's like an oversized excellent quality crispy chicken nugget. Crunchy, addicting, and ammmmazzzzing!  When seasoned and cooked properly, the panko bread crumbs produce a delicate crispy breaded crust and keep the chicken meat juicy and moist.  The katsu sauce is also super flavorful and gives the chicken katsu... Continue Reading →

Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

  I am a HUGE fan of Korean Fried Chicken.  Korean Fried Chicken can be enjoyed at any time and usually prepared with a soy-garlic sauce, spicy sauce, or naked.  At Korean Fried Chicken restaurants, you can choose from either wings or drumstick. I like both.  I've enjoyed it as an appetizer at a lounge... Continue Reading →

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