Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup with Catfish (Canh Chua Cá Bông Lau)

Growing up in a Vietnamese household, family dinner time was really important in my family. No matter how busy my parents were from work, (even when they worked multiple jobs), they always found time to cook up delicious Vietnamese home-cooked meals for my siblings and me. One of my favorite family-style meals included Canh Chua... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Roasted Catfish (Ca Nuong)

This year, my brother and I threw a Mother's Day celebration for our closest Moms.  My mom, Jane, my brother's wife Tham, my mom in law, and my Ba Co.  I roasted two 6-lb Catfishes, and my brother bought presents for each mom and watched them play Mother's Day White Elephant after we ate.  It... Continue Reading →

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