Taqueria Style Beef Tacos

I love carne asada steak/beef tacos, especially when the beef is grilled over mesquite lump charcoal at the taquerias.  However, we don't always have the time or ability to grill delicious mesquite-smoked beef at home and some of the best taqueria tacos I've tasted have been cooked over a griddle, so this recipe will ensure... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese Style Steak

Over the past few weeks, Jane and I have been craving and eating steak weekly and ordered steaks prepared in various ways.  Whether the steak is grilled, BBQ'ed, or pan-fried, there's nothing like devouring a big juicy medium-rare steak. YUM!Since Valentine's day is coming up, I want to share this eazy peazy Vietnamese Style Steak... Continue Reading →

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